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Manchester Environmental Research Institute

Ariel view of waterfall

Resilient catchments and hydrological extremes

Our research is improving scientific understanding about how water moves through the natural and built environment.

We use this knowledge to predict changes in hydrological extremes due to climate and land use change, and design effective solutions to mitigate risks to society from floods and droughts.

Our current key areas of research include:

  • close-up of dry cracked soil and corn stalks
  • Dipping feet into vibrant turquoise sea
  • river surrounded by arid land and hills
  • people walking through flood water in a village

Our researchers

Jafar Al-Jawad
Research Associate

Research specialisms: Surface and groundwater numerical modelling, optimisation algorithm and technique, multi-scenario and decision making, water infrastructure design, sustainable management.

Giovanni Basolu
Full Stack Web Developer

Research specialisms: Software developing for water resource modelling.

Andrea Bottacin-Busopn
Senior Lecturer

Research specialisms: Water quality modelling and management, urban drainage, flood risk assessment, sediment processes, catchment management.

Stephen Boult
Senior Lecturer

Research specialisms: Water quality from catchment to tap, instrumentation, big data.

Greg Holland
Senior Lecturer

Research specialisms: Groundwater, subsurface fluid interactions.

Cathy Hollis

Research specialisms: Water-rock reactions and products in sedimentary basins, karstification in carbonate rocks, porosity and permeability of sedimentary rocks, basin-scale fluid flow.

Vahid Niasar
Academic (Teaching and Research) Reader

Research specialisms: Modelling, laboratories experiments, contaminant transport modelling, geochemistry modelling, CCS.

James Rothwell
Professor of Physical Geography

Research specialisms: Heavy metals, microplastics, sustainable urban drainage, green/blue infrastructure

Stephen Scott-Bottoms
Professor of Contemporary Theatre

Research specialisms: Community and stakeholder engagement (arts based), flood resilience, river stewardship, community engagement, storytelling, sited performance